About Li Li Nicols

A Story Steeped in Sound

Born in New Orleans, LA, Alisha Andrews immediately showed an interest in music and entrepreneurship asking for a keyboard at age 7 inspired by artist Alicia Keys, “I was captivated by her beauty, music and loved that we shared the same name.” Although artists like Alicia Keys, Jay Z, and Kanye West influenced her passion for music and the industry, Nicols father ambition is what instilled values of hard work and developed this love for music. Growing up she was surrounded by music of all genres and generations such as The Temptations, The Ojay’s, Michael Jackson, Mary Mary, Biggie, Hall & Oates, etc… Having the privilege of both parents in the home, Alisha had not experienced real tragedy until 11 years old, in 2005 a devastation storm named Hurricane Katrina changed her life forever, destroying the only home she knew separating her from her father for months. During these troubling times she discovered her own set of artists and from that point on music became her life. Switching schools until her senior year of high school Alisha managed to pour her heart into words, without developing many long-lasting friendships. By graduation time Alisha had a clear picture of what she wanted to major in and was accepted into Savannah State University. 
While in high school she took courses like Business Administration, Broadcasting, and Web Design which prepared her for her major in Mass Communications. For the longest, Alisha lacked the confidence to actually perform as a rapper, and with a minor, in Public Relations she developed a knack for marketing and management. Growing up her family nickname was lee lee and after she created a blog site that generated an audience to her writing, she began using the name Li Li Nicols, because the audience gravitated to the nickname. By age 19 Li Li was able to generate over 200k views and a consistent audience to her site Live Li Li, also managed several local artists, getting them opportunities to open for a major artist, and at age 21 she began freelance writing for a plethora of blog sites and urban magazines such as Society 19, Blasting News, Hype Magazine. In 2016, she moved to Los Angeles after releasing a small EP which gave her a small music buzz and shortly after began working as an intern for a boutique public relations firm called FYI, as she slowly grew more connections, helping to establish a solid foundation in the Los Angeles music scene. Experiencing several trials and tribulations in her adult life Li Li rediscovered her passion for music and decided to create more songs. Her upcoming single Black Diemen features Liberian Atlanta artist Wrebel, challenging political and social issues that our society faces. Black Diemen will also debut her first-ever video. 
Fans are eager to hear Nicols return to music after a four-year hiatus. Black Diemen will be available on all streaming platforms. This is the perfect song and the perfect woman to deliver the message to such a broken economy. Black women are taking over the hip hop industry and what better way to grow than a fresh new and versatile artist.